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Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes – Free Rainbow Cubes & Crystals

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Updated: June 4, 2024

We looked for new codes!

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On the lookout for the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom Redeem Codes? We’ve got you covered with updated and working Cookie Run: Kingdom codes that can be used to claim free crystals, EXP, and other valuable items. Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the most famous mobile RPG titles that has been enjoying immense popularity over the past couple of years.

Cookie Run: Kingdom redeem codes are basically one of the most reliable methods to get free items, including rainbow cubes, crystals, and more, without spending a dime. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom codes that one can redeem for free rewards.

Cookie Run: Kingdom codes
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  • UPDATEFIRSTCREAM—Redeem for 1500 Crystals and 500 Rainbow Cubes (New)
  • LOVEWITCHSCASTLE—Redeem for 1500 Crystals and 300 Rainbow Cubes (New)
  • MISSEARTHBREAD24 — Redeem for 3000 Crystals and 1000 Rainbow Cubes (New)
  • INCRK3RDANNIVERSARY — Redeem for 1000 Crystals
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYST — Redeem for 500,000 Coins
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYA — Redeem for 150 Topping Pieces
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYYE — Redeem for 5 Magic Cookie Cutters
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYAS — Redeem for 500,000 Coins
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYBE — Redeem for 50 Rainbow Cubes
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYAS — Redeem for 5 Special Cookie Cutters
  • GOOGLEPLAY2023 — Redeem for 3k Crystals and 1k Rainbow Cubes

Do note that these codes are valid for a certain period. As such, make sure to redeem them as soon as possible.

Expired Codes

  • CHERRYSPRINGGIFT—Redeem for 20 Time Jumpers
  • BRAVESPRINGGIFT—Redeem for 300 Rainbow Cubes
  • HERBSPRINGGIFT—Redeem for 100 Stamina Jellies and 100 XP Star Jellies Level 5
  • BLOSSOMINGGIFT—Redeem for 1k Crystals
  • 2NDBIRTHDAYPARTY—Redeem for 3000 Crystals
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD1—Redeem for 100 Star Jellies
  • CRKALWAYSLOVEYOU—Redeem for 3000 Gems, and 1500 Rainbow Cubes
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD2—Redeem for 3x all Aurora Items
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD3—Redeem for 100x Topping Pieces
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD4 – 500 Rainbow Cubes
  • POCKETGAMERAWARD – 10 random Cookies
  • CRKBEHINDNFUTURE – Redeem this code to get 130 EXP Star Jellies lvl 6, 120 Topping Pieces, 8 Aurora Bricks, 8 Aurora Pillars, 8 Aurora Compass, 250,000 Coins, 30 Time Jumpers, 10 Magic Cookie Cutters, 1500 Rainbow Cubes, 5000 Crystals, 1200 Radiant Shards
  • FOLLOWUSINEUROPE – 2500 Crystals
  • 0728CKCOOKIELIVE – 1500 Crystals, 300 Rainbow Cubes, 3 Treasure Tickets, 3 30-min Speed-Ups
  • CRKWELCOEDISNEY – 3000 Crystals, 400 Radiant Shards
  • THANX200MPLAYERS – 2000 Crystals, 2000 Rainbow Cubes
  • WEMADECKTOGETHER – 3000 Crystals
  • CK1STANNIVERSARY – 5000 Crystals, 3000 Rainbow Cubes
  • GOMAGICOVENEVENT – 500 Crystals
  • 0224CRKDARKCACAO – 3000 Crystals
  • COOKIELIVECOUPON – 3 Treasure Tickets, 3x 30-min Speed-up, 2 Magic Cookie Cutters, 2 Special Cookie Cutters, 30 EXP Star Jellies LVL 6, 300 Rainbow Cubes, 1500 Crystals

How Do You Redeem Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes?

Redeeming Cookie Run: Kingdom codes are relatively easy and straightforward. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Retrieve your player ID from the game.
  2. Visit DevPlay coupon page on any internet browser.
  3. Enter your player ID and Cookie Run: Kingdom code.
  4. Press the’ Claim Reward’ button.
  5. Launch the Cookie Kingdom to receive your freebies.

That’s all you need to know about Cookie Run: Kingdom codes and the process to redeem them. Before leaving, make sure to check out guides and walkthroughs for other games at Twinfinite.

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